Arts and Live Productions

Take to the stage

The Mermaid London plays host to some amazing live productions. From music and theatrical events, to cultural and classical, the Auditorium has the very best acoustic technology and our technicians and event staff have the experience to make your event astounding.

The Mermaid London has been hired by a diverse range of musical talent, including the BBC Concert Orchestra, The Pet Shop Boys, Robbie Williams, violinist Nigel Kennedy, singer Josh Groban, Noël Coward, Sylvia Plath, Rufus Wainwright, and other figures from across London’s artistic landscape over the years.

It’s the ideal venue if you’re passionate about staging a musical event.

Break the sound barrier

Music to our ears

One of the 20th century’s great theatres

One of The Mermaid London’s greatest strengths is its perfect suitability for music. The Auditorium can seat 600 theatre-style with a stage that can accommodate an orchestra, an opera, a grand piano, all with an outstanding environment to work in.

The Mermaid & your live production

Why not drop us a message and let us show you that we’re the perfect partner for your event.