Open up the Queenhithe

The Queenhithe is a 120sqm space with an oak wooden floor with white walls and can be themed to suit your event and your imagination. It sits adjacent to the Upper River Room and is great for post event dancing or for a breakout space. It also works beautifully on its own for smaller conferences and meetings, receptions, or artistic exhibitions.

The little details

The Queenhithe is a box of wonders, brilliant for breakouts, yet perfect on its own

A solid dance floor; for the snake, the robot, the mash potatos, and even the running man

The Queenhithe comes with its own six-metre-wide video screen that fits across the length of the room, creating an amazing and visual backdrop to your event

The River Rooms & Queenhithe

The River Rooms and Queenhithe go together like a fresh gin and tonic. Whilst the Queenhithe works beautifully on its own – for conferences, reception events, or artistic exhibitions – its when it is bolted to the River Rooms that it really shines.